• Fishing Dock Honduras

Create a camp

You've found a camp you think your child will like.                 
You've found some friends that want to do it with them.
But our camp that week is all the way across town.
Or Maybe it is full.
Or maybe you want to combine our various activities.
No worries. Customize your own private camp with us.
Choose activities from:
Conventional fishing, fly fishing, kayak fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking.
Choose your pick-up and drop-off location.
Choose your times. 

Contact us to set up your own private camp.

Refund Policy

All deposits for camps and any programs or trips are non-refundable.
We understand that things happen and we do make exceptions in cases of physical injury that will not allow a camper to attend camp. When working with other programs, we adhere to their refund policies.

Please contact us directly if you need to withdraw from any camp, program, or trip.