Hitting the trails

 Now that summer is over we are going to do our best to get back to some regular blogging! 

Our focus of course will be to keep folks motivated on getting outdoors as a family. 

It's always amazing to see how far campers progress over the course of a week long mountain bike camp. Like anything it takes practice and dedication to get better, and those take time. Time is an obstacle in today's day and age. It's easy to get bogged down with everything that is going on. 

And it's especially hard to keep kids riding if no one else in the family is a rider. 

We encourage getting out on the trails as a family this fall. If you are new to the sport, start small. Rent or borrow a bike. Stick to the easy trails. 

If you are looking for some places to ride there is plenty of information out there. 

You might want to start here:

Richmond- RVAmore.

Northern Virginia- The Bike Lane

If you ever have any questions about the places we go for camp, or would like some suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

As always...we hope to see you out there!

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